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I Bet Jesus Thought the Same Thing, NOON Annual, 2023 (print) A year in the Face, The Baffler, 2022
I Am a Little World, NOON Annual 2022 (print)
Dog Washed Blue, NDA anthology, Archway Editions, 2021 (print)

selected fictions

selected otherReview of Suppose a Sentence by Brian Dillion, Barrelhouse, 2021
On (Re)arriving at a Subject: Review for Moyra Davey’s Index Cards,     American Book Review, 2021
Field Guide to Hot Spring, for Spencer Radcliffe’s Hot Spring 2019 Review of Floating Notes by Babak Lakghomi, 3:AM Magazine 2018
                   printed work

Steamers for New England Uncles (Mema’s Corton Recipe),   Recipes Under Confinement, Ma Bibliotheque 2021
     A Life in a Small House, NOON Annual 2021   With His Dog By the Fire, NOON Annual 2021

                      Nebraska, Hotel 2020
    What is the Nature of Life?, NOON Annual 2020
                He Cried in His Room Multiple Times, NOON Annual 2020
                   Personally, NOON Annual 2020
                         Daily, NOON Annual 2020 

Some Standard Paradise, We’ll Never Have Paris – Repeater Books 2019                         HIS THOUGHTS ARE BLOODY, OR NOTHING                                       WORTH, NOON Annual 2019
                        Bud, NOON Annual 2019
                         Mysteries of the West, NOON Annual 2018
                         The Rest of It, NOON Annual 2017
                         It’s Come to This, NOON Annual 2018